Inspired to Blog – How a plan can change your world

All of us, including me, have been there. We want to learn to blog, to build a community, write about stuff that interests us, and hopefully make a little money online. Having these grand dreams of making money while traveling, we hit the internet and prepare to be fantastic!

Don’t give up. Aim high!

Sadly, it doesn’t take long before we realize something…before the unexpected is thrown in our tracks;

Studying a new hobby or skill online can be difficult.

It takes work.

And sadly, many people will give up right there.  That’s truly a shame.

I say that, because if can learn to do this, anyone can.  

It’s understandable though; we can have this grand plan in our minds, our check-list to instant success.  For many, it can look something like this:

  • Get a blog.
  • Have a million ideas of what to write.
  • Develop amazing writing skills right off the bat!
  • Produce professional looking images and engaging content.
  • Learn useful coding as we go.
  • Own the blogosphere!
  • And finally, for some of us – use SEO to travel, or our blogging to make an income!

Unfortunately, what most of us don’t realize, is that each item on that list can be broken down into an even further list of skills to work on. Woe is us!

For a lot of people, that’s where the buck stops.  They give up.

I don’t want to see that happen. Not to you, not to me!


All that’s happened is that we end up with another list, this time with more educated items.

Here’s how that’s broken down, by section and in order.

Realistic, but Still FUN Bloggers to-do-list for Success:

(Whew, that’s a mouthful, right?)

Get a Blog

Sign up for a domain name and host (this website is hosted on WordPress, it’s been easy to use as a new blogger.)

Write Something…Anything

This can be as simple as starting with who you are, what your aims are, what you hope to achieve through your blog.  See my post,  Nice to meet you! for an example of this.

People will want to know about you.  Tell them a little!

 Develop Amazing Writing Skills

newcontentThis is where it can get tough.  Just keep in mind your mantra.  “I can do this”. By writing daily or as close to daily as you can, along with studying websites like’s informative blogs , your writing skill will develop over time (mines still is!).  More writing = more practice.  More practice = better writing.  And so the cycle continues!

Produce Professional and Engaging Content

Speaking as someone who has a lot of trouble when it comes to aesthetics and design, I’m still working on this.

An image of a stickman.

 This is how my graphic attempts usually turn out!

However, we can start by learning.  Here’s a post that will teach us how to create our own graphics.  I realize this is more work, but hey, no-one said it was going to be easy.  Only that it will be worth it.  

For the engaging content side of this section, that will come with knowing your audience.  

Seriously…put the time in and think about it.

What type of content will you write?  Who are you writing for?  Who do you expect to visit and read?  What message do you want to get across in your writing (is there even a message yet, do you want one)?

Ultimately, be informative, be correct (please oh please, use grammar checking software), and overall…enjoy your writing. 

Wait, let’s reiterate that before moving on… are you ready?

Enjoy Your Writing

Even if you just start out blogging to make money, your passion for your subject will show through, and people will appreciate your articles all the more for it.

Learn useful coding.

Even if you just pick up the basics, you’ll know a lot more about what’s going on with your website. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the fundamentals of the internet these days (well.. there’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s a whole other post entirely).

Let’s do a very brief overview, just to be sure (those less technically inclined, feel free to scroll past!):

An image of the HTML5 logo, in black and white

HTML5 – This stands for “HyperText Markup Language”, which is a fancy way of saying it’s a whole bunch of tags, like this , that tells the internet what things are and how you expect them to be structured.


CSS3 – Those fancy little buttons, drop-down menus, different colours when you hover over or use a link?  All thanks to CSS!  Useful, huh? (CSS can do a whole lot more, but those are things people can think of)!


JavaScript – HTML, and CSS are a form of markup and they’re static.  JavaScript is the first true programming or scripting language in this list, it can take input and act on it, it can respond.

It allows you to give your webpage interactivity.  From simple signup buttons (there’s one at the bottom of this page!) to more complex operations, Javascript is the beating heart of a webpage.

Okay, techno-phobes, you can look again! 

Just from those descriptions and links above, you can see how understanding a little about how your website actually works can empower you, right?

Give it a try, have a look at those links, and around the internet.  There’s a whole LOT of information out there.

Own the Blogosphere – Start Making Income

This is the big one for us.

It can be broken down into (but not limited to) a set of skills, including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Content writing, copywriting, digital presence, graphic design, marketing…the list literally goes on.  We can include things like productivity hacks and time management, on top of all this.

I’m going to be doing a lot of posts related to the above.  Also to other related topics I think will expand upon that.  Remember – I’m learning along with you.  

We’re on this journey together!  Isn’t that awesome?

So, the question is:

Travelling, Blogging, Learning – Where do we start?

I’m a firm believer that we’ll always be learning more skills to support our goals.

And you know what else is true – we can do this.  100%, we’ve got this. 

“So what’s the secret??” I hear you scream.  Well…that’s where it gets real simple.

ONE WORD AT A TIME.  One book at a time, focus on one skill at a time.  Sure, look at how they inter-relate.  But ultimately, choose one skill and work at it till you know it well enough to move on to something that will supplement it.

At this point, you don’t have to be an expert.  That will come…with practice.  Seriously.

Enjoy your learning process.  Don’t lose focus.  It’s easy to do, and subject hop.

And finally – always keep your goal in mind.  You want to be eating, sleeping, breathing your aim.  Make it your mantra.  Remind yourself why you’re doing this!

For further information, why not head on over to Brisa Marie’s awesome post on 4 Step Plan to Being a Better Blogger , where she shares some thoughts and ideas you may not have thought of!

You’ve got all the time you need.  Use it, get started.  Make something today – even if you just come up with your domain name.  I believe in you!  

How did you find this post?  Did it inspire you to break down your concerns, list them up and get to it?  I’d love it if it did!  Sign up, comment, like and share.  Let me know your thoughts, and what you’re creating today 🙂 

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